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Crystal Clear Pure Refined Sugar

Granulated sugar Icumsa 900-1200

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Crystal Clear Pure Refined Sugar

made from quality sugar refinery is all about perfecting each grain until it sparkles in purity. Crystal Clear Pure Refined Sugar is produced from best strain cane through natural purification processes with several filtration procedures and contains no bleaching chemicals. Add Crystal Clear Pure Refined Sugar to your food, snacks or beverages and taste the sweetness from nature. Package Size : 50 kg. bag (50 kg. x 1/sack)

Natural Gold Sugar

Natural Gold Sugar in made from selected strain sugar cane + plus enriched with fructose, natural Gold sugar locks in nature's most pronounced aromatic and nutritious sweetness that is guaranteed to add greater taste to all your favorite recipes and drinks. Package Size : 1 kg. bag (50 kg. x 1/sack)





泰国的菠萝的美味是被世界消费者所公认. 公司强调挑选和采用高品质、新鲜的、无化学添加的菠萝。金鹰零售集团有限公司的菠萝罐头已经被世界40多个国家所认可。

泰国有不同种类的蔬菜比如小玉米、竹笋、西红柿、 蘑菇、芦笋等等.金鹰零售集团有限公司知道质量和可靠性对客户来说是非常重要的

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